Why Bullock County?

Led by David Padgett, the Bullock County Development Authority provides focus and direction to the county's business development efforts. Besides having a hard-working Development Authority to guide new development, Bullock County has all the key elements of business success:

  • Location
  • Access
  • Workforce
  • Natural Resources
  • Business Development Resources
  • Educational Opportunities

Growth And Industry

Bullock County is part of the Alabama Enterprise Zone Act of 1988 and designated as a Favored Geographic Area. These two creative Alabama initiatives were established to encourage certain financial incentives for new businesses and industries.

Bullock County has an industrial park site located between U.S. Highways 82 and 29. This site is within five miles of AL 110, AL 223, and AI. 239. It is 120+/- acres and 96 of those acres are available. Currently, 45 acres are cleared, have received appropriate studies, and await further development for new tenants.

Economic Development
Bullock County Courthouse
The largest industries in Bullock County are in nondurable goods (plants, farming, and timber) and poultry production and processing.

The civilian labor force is approximately 4,600 people. The unemployment rate was last recorded at 13.7% (December 2011). A professional study of concluded that 105,659 potential workers could be drawn from Bullock County and its surrounding counties. Labor costs, primarily labor wage rates, are below those of the adjacent six-county region. Union activity is minimal.

Major employers in the county include Wayne Poultry, Bonnie Plant Farm, Bullock County Correctional Facility, Bullock County Board of Education, Bullock County Hospital, G.P. Thompson Enterprises, Dixie Electric Cooperative, and Union Springs Telephone.

Fiber Optic Telecommunications
Union Springs boasts one of the nation's most modern telecommunications systems, Ultra High Speed FIBER OPTICS.  Voice, video and data move as much as 100 times faster through fiber optic cable than traditional copper lines. Bullock County is wired and ready for business!

Franklin Field Airport is located five miles west of Union Springs, in Bullock County. The airport lies on 50 acres of land and has one runway, Runway 14/32, which measures 3,660 feet in length. The airport is currently in the works to have a new, longer runway built to accommodate larger aircraft. The airport has 18 based aircraft.

Montgomery Regional Airport (Dannelly Field) is less that an hour drive from the city, as are Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery and Fort Benning Army Post in Columbus, Georgia. Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is less that a two hour drive from Union Springs.

Health Care
Bullock County Hospital is a financially healthy, 30 bed rural hospital, where the latest technology is available. Services provided by the hospital are up-to-date mammography, ultrasound, x-ray and occupational and physical therapy. There is a skilled staff of doctors, nurses and technicians available to handle emergencies and day to day care.

Southern Springs Nursing Facility, privately owned, is a 123 bed facility. The community also has dialysis clinics and home health care services.

Educational Opportunities
Public education is offered K-12 in three elementary schools, a high school and an area vocational center. All schools are accredited through the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges. The area vocational school, which is an extension of the high school, maintains certification from the Alabama Department of Education.

Preparatory, religious and private educational offerings are also available.

Several institutions of higher education within an hour drive are: Auburn University, Auburn University Montgomery, Troy University, Troy University Montgomery, Faulkner University, Tuskegee University, Wallace Community College (Sparks Campus) in Eufaula, and Trenholm State Technical: Patterson Campus in Montgomery.

The State of Alabama provides, at no cost, workforce training and development through Alabama Industrial Training (AIDT) agency.

Bullock County provides exceptional access to a unique variety of interstate highways and waterways. Bullock's county line is only 7 miles from the 1-65 and 1-85 loop presently under construction in East Montgomery County. Bullock businesses are within overnight road services to 50% of the U.S. population. The county is served by U.S. Highway 82 and 29, which provide easy access to several major southern cities:

  • Montgomery, Alabama
  • Auburn/Opelika, Alabama
  • Birmingham, Alabama
  • Mobile, Alabama
  • Columbus, Georgia
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Beaches of Alabama and Florida

BUSINESS PRIVILEGE TAX--The Business Privilege Tax is a tax on net worth of corporations, limited liability entities and disregarded entities. The tax rate is based on the ability to pay and is determined by the entity's federal taxable income in Alabama. The rate ranges from $.25 to $1.75 for each $1000.00 of net worth in the state. With some exceptions, the minimum privilege tax is $100.00 and the maximum is $15,000.00. Alabama law allows exemptions for pollution control equipment and investments in new and existing facilities.

CORPORATE INCOME TAX--Corporations pay a state corporate income tax based on the corporation's net taxable income derived from business conducted in Alabama. Alabama's corporate tax rate is considered one of the lowest in the nation at 6.5%. Also, corporations may deduct federal income taxes paid or accrued.

PROPERTY TAX--All real and personal property located in Alabama is subjected to an ad valorem tax unless exempted by law. As of 2002, the millage rate in Union Springs is 13%. in the county 43.5% totaling 56.5% , which is equivalent to $56.50 per $1000.00 of assessed value. State law allows exemptions for pollution control equipment, inventory, conventional financing and on transit goods in intrastate commerce.

SALES AND USE TAX--In Union Springs, the general sales and use tax is 5.25% and in the county 3.75% totaling 9%. State wide lodging tax is 4%. Local lodging tax is 4%. State law allows exemptions for certain goods and organizations.

** Officials of Union Springs and Bullock County have a proud history of working cooperatively with new and expanding businesses and industries.

UNEMPLOYMENT COMPENSATION TAX--Alabama employers pay this tax based on an experience rating plan on the first $8000.00 in wages paid to an employee during a calendar year. The experience rate of employers will fluctuate with the employer's operating funds.

Tax Credits
ENTERPRISE ZONE CREDIT--Alabama offers tax credit and exemptions to encourage economic growth in area considered to have depressed economics. INCOME TAX CAPITAL CREDIT This tax credit is available for 20 years and is calculated at 5% of the total capital cost of the qualifying project. The capital credit is available to all types of business.

TAX ABATEMENTS--Alabama allows counties, municipalities and public authorities the right to abate non-educational stare, county and municipal property taxes and sales and use tax.

ALABAMA INDUSTRIAL ACCESS ROAD AND BRIDGE PROGRAM--This program provides funding for industrial access road and bridge construction/improvement to assist new and expanding industries.

ALABAMA PLAN FOR LINKED DEPOSITS--The advantage of this program is that it reduces the cost to the borrower by providing a 2% subsidy on the borrower's interest rates for 2 years. Funds from this source may be used for construction and renovations.

COMMERCIAL LENDING--Alabama's financial institutions are among the strongest in the United States.

INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT GRANTS (IDG)--IDG can be made to counties, municipalities, local industrial development boards and public authorities to provide funds for site preparation and surveying to assist new industries.

INDUSTRIAL REVENUE BONDS (IRBs)--Local industrial development boards issue these bonds to provide financing for land, building and equipment for new and expanding manufacturing plants.

INFRASTRUCTURE GRANT PROGRAM--This program is a grant to communities for public infrastructure development to assist new or expanding industries.

HOUSING AND URBAN DEVELOPMENT (HUD)--HUD provides several programs intended to strengthen economic opportunities in communities. These programs range from development loans to CDBG grants.

PUBLIC WORKS AND FACILITIES GRANT--These grants help communities to attract new industry, encourage business expansion, diversify the local economy and generate long-term private-sector jobs,

REVOLVING LOAN FUNDS (RLFs)--RLFs are locally controlled sources of capital which may be used to finance start-up and existing businesses whose projects will create permanent jobs. RLFs are not established to compete with private banks but to complement it by providing gap financing.

SBA 504--This loan is a combination-type loan package that provides small businesses with a better financial package than is otherwise available in the market. The SBA 504 Loan can finance up to 40% of the total project cost.

SBA 7A LOAN--Provides small businesses with long-term financing for development. Simplified application guarantees a rapid response.

USDA RURAL DEVELOPMENT--Community and business programs that seek to enhance the rural economy. Program can guarantee loans, direct loans and grants in qualified rural areas.


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