The Wehle Nature Center hosts a large modern building, tastefully designed to reflect rural southern architecture. The Center's main building houses independent restroom facilities, a small kitchen, a large meeting room, as well as a modest state-of-the-art theater featuring surround sound and interesting nature films. Theater viewing is available as a regular component of each tour.

Outdoor experiences are complimented by educational programs catering to various age groups, coupled with contingency programs for variations in seasons, as well as rainy days. Activities and displays illustrate the many components of man’s environment, and emphasize our day-to-day interaction with our surroundings. Viewing kiosks highlight many of the Center’s wetland features, which mirror Alabama’s abundant aquatic habitats.

The Wehle Nature Center does not provide for individual or group meals. Visitors staying through the noon hour are expected to make their own lunch arrangements (e.g., sack lunches from home). Groups meeting for formal events may contact the State Lands Division regarding local catering arrangements.  The Wehle Nature Center has no garbage pick-up, therefore, visitors are asked to follow the creed of the great outdoors:  Pack it in, pack it out!

Click on Wehle Open Weekend Schedule to check out current activities and open times of the Center. (NOTE: The Center is closed during the months of January, August, and December.) To schedule a tour, call the State Lands Division at 1-800-LAND ALA.

The facilities include:
  • Campsites
  • Fishing Ponds (license required)
  • Horseback Riding Trails (furnish your own horse)

The Nature Center is located approximately 5 miles southeast of Midway, Alabama on County Road 47. Take U.S. Hwy. 82 from either Union Springs or Eufaula to Midway and follow the "Nature Center" signs.

For more information, visit the website of
Alabama Forever Wild Land Trust
The Wehle Center
The Wehle Nature Center, located in easternmost Bullock County, is a facility designed to promote and foster educational opportunities pertaining to conservation in Alabama. The Wehle Nature Center is staffed and run by the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, State Lands Division. The 25-acre grounds support several hiking trails of varying lengths, where visitors may observe and learn about plants, animals, and their respective communities.

The Center is open to the public on some weekends and by appointment on weekdays (staffing permitting) to groups larger than 15 people. Tours and programs can be tailored to specific interests such as wild flowers, birds or aquatic animals. The Wehle Nature Center has no admission charge to any of its events.
Wehle Center Lodge